NEWS: Our latest book—on finding a faster path to purpose, passion and profit—will be available as a paperback and eBook on 01/01/19.

"WTF! is an ebullient paean to the power of story. What we need, the authors preach, is a new story based on purpose, not on profit. With a mind toward sustaining the planet rather than just amassing money, this book guides you to finding and aligning your purpose, passion, and goals to create that new life-embracing story for yourself, your organization, and the world."

~ Daniel H. Pink, Best-selling Author of DRIVE

Welcome to Brand New Purpose LLC: Creating brand new opportunities.

We create brand new, purpose-built, values-driven strategies and solutions so that your core purpose is your Brand True North – your guiding star. We work with leaders and organizations to create their brand’s True North strategy so that all stakeholders enjoy a shared sense of purpose and direction, earning the hearts, minds, and wallets of your brand community. After all, brand is culture inside out and culture is brand outside in – the two can't be separated.

We engage brands with your communities to co-create lasting win-win relationships. In this digital day of transparency, it is crucial to listen to and connect with your stakeholders to strengthen their trust and loyalty, internally and externally, in order to build positive long-term relationships. That only comes with proven brand building, marketing, and community activation expertise that knows how to connect for good. We co-create brand new, purpose-built solutions and opportunities with our clients and their stakeholders so that people, communities and brands can be better together.

Better Together. Brands and their stakeholders can always be 'Better Together.' Today, brands can become publishers and thought leaders, leading with value that builds loyalty with their community of stakeholders. We bridge the gap between brand strategy and community building by using purpose-aligned insights to evolve the story from within and out. Our brand system increases the equity and relevance of brands by designing and implementing:

  • Shared Purpose

  • Growth Strategies

  • Innovation Cultures

  • Opportunity Choices

  • Community Activation

We are committed to nurturing people and accelerating proven ideas that reinforce brand engagement. Our network of expert consultants provides strategic, creative, analytical, and organizational expertise to create dynamic brand communities, which build trust and loyalty into long-term, valued and mutual relationships.