The Dalai Lama is one of the most famous global brand.  Built it by himself or with others through shared purpose?


Brand New Purpose LLC: We are a brand innovation firm based in Berkeley, CA with a presence in New York City. We ignite passion with your core purpose. We then engage your brand community, internal and external, through shared purpose to create lasting win-win relationships. This unlocks value that makes your bottom line sing and your community sing your praises–making everyone better together.

Our Purpose: To help brands activate the value of their core purpose and values to build a better world and bottom line.

Our Mission: We believe Brand True North strategy creates relevant value for all it touches. This is why we drive brand innovation through individual and organizational branding, thought leadership, collaboration, and community building. This helps brands find their own Brand True North, and follow it by cultivating shared purpose and value with all stakeholders.

Our Vision: We envision a world filled with a brand new sense of purpose–a vibrant feeling of joy and direction. Possibility and abundance create the expectation that one's life will truly matter, whether defined by individual or organizational purpose. We connect to something greater than ourselves through shared purpose–working and becoming better together.

Our Values:

  • Abundance + Joy.
  • Courage + Compassion.
  • Authenticity + Transparency.
  • Curiosity + Creativity.

Our Brand Promise: Positive Purpose Shared.

News: In order of recency:

  • interviewed Whitney on Thought Leadership, Personal Branding, and Purpose.
  • Brand New Purpose interviews Aaron Hurst, founder of Taproot and author of The Purpose Economy, for Shareable.

Hero: Many thanks for the many blessings shared by the super smart and talented Jeff Nelder!